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Why Functional Programming: My Emotions Laid Bare

A friend asks a harmless question and I ramble for 30 minutes.

On Profunctors, Abruptly

Disclaimer: This post reqiures a working understanding of functors in Haskell terms.

An Algebraic Data Type's Monad

I watched Dr. Emily Reihl’s Compose Conf talk1 last night and a new intuition emerged. The purpose of the talk was to explicate the categorical notion of a monad, and while watching it, I was struck with the realization of how a monad arises from an algebraic data type.

Homotopy Type Theory Desiderata

This is a thing I do. I like to learn things by finding the thing I want to learn, and then work my way down as I encounter unknowns, exposing layers like an epistemological onion — a truth vegetable.

On Descartes and Microservices

And other annoying shit I’ve just made up.

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