I’m trying something new here, and intend to treat these weeklies more as blog posts than the reading lists that they existed as thus far. I came across another FP / math / CS writer who’d set weekly goals for reading, writing, and a few other things, and it inspired me. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll make it work in form, but my intentions are to transform these weeklies into recaps on my list of successes and failures with regard to goal achieving. I like the reading list form, if for no other reason then that I like how it fits on the landing page of this site. Maybe a goal for this week is to find a way to merge the two forms.

Last Week

My two primary goals were around reading and writing; I wanted to read 100 pages and write 1000 words.


Not a particularly productive week. I read 22 pages of Conversations with David Foster Wallace and only 11 of Ulysses. We cleaned out our shed this weekend and I went through a few crates of comic books. I found Brian Wood’s Supermarket, which I’d bought in probably 2009 but hadn’t read. Given that reading the entire thing didn’t take more than 30 minutes coupled with the fact it isn’t the type of reading I’d intended for when setting these goals, I opted not to count its pages.


I surpassed my goal of 1000 words last week, thanks to the blog post Why FP? My Emotions Laid Bare, and another that I started last night on Conor McBride’s I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’, the two of which amounted to 1154 words.


I got one (of three) in there. Seems fine.

This week

It’s father’s day. I’m sitting on the couch of an AirBnB in Lincoln City, OR. The wind blows from the northwest, and the occidental Sun bears down, without occlusion. Despite the Sun’s insistence the temperature holds steadily at 65°F. I’m sipping on a Fort George Three-Way IPA, poured from a growler. This beer didn’t travel far; it comes from just a handful of miles North up the coast. It tastes like toasted almonds and citrus fruit, and the toastiness lingers. I’ve been asked to join a round of CandyLand, so this attempt and attention to detail will encouter a respite for now.